Top destinations to celebrate Christmas in India

The merry-making festival of Christmas is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the birth ofLord Jesus Christ. It is known as “Bada Din” in Hindi. Celebrated on 25th December every year, it is a very auspicious day, especially for the Christians. Although, the Christians make up even less than 5% of the population of India, it is still easy to witness traditional Christmas joyfulness in most parts of the country.

The streets and houses are adorned with charming Christmas bells, lights, angels and other decorations. Children rush to Christmas tree on Christmas morning to grab the gifts that SantaClause has kept for them. People make cakes, tarts, other Christmas snacks like plum cakes which are the most popular during this occasion. Midnight mass, which is followed by a huge meal of varieddelicacies, is an essential service for Christians, specifically the Catholics. Christmas celebration inIndia might differ in terms of customs and food, but the joy and pleasure still remains the same.

Top destinations to celebrate Christmas in India

Bringing amusement and joy to the people of India, Christmas offers a good time to travel across the country. Since it is a festive season, you can witness hustle-bustle in every corner of the country. Although, Christmas is celebrated with pomp and vigor in almost every area, below mentioned are a few destinations you can visit to make this festival even more enjoyable.

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